Dual battery

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After our first test weekend we found out that the portable power pack did provide enough power for the refrigerator. So we where back at our original plan to install a real second battery setup in the Jimny.

Under the bonnet of the Jimny is by default no place for a second battery. In order to make fitting a second battery possible, the windshield wiper fluid tank needed to be moved. To properly secure the battery Joren made a tray out of aluminum L profiles. The battery tray is mounter to the original mounting place of the wiper fluid tank. To charge the batteries simultaneously and use them independently we used an intelligent separation relay. The cutoff relay ensures that the starter battery will not drain through the use of the second battery.

  1. Kevin

    Does your jimny have the abs pump next to bulk opposite to where the jimny starter battery sits ? O have same model of jimny as in your photo i got a big jimny aux batt tray sits sides to the way your batty tray is mounted and coolant and wash res out of the way. Million dollar questions is what battery fits which will clear the bonnet and wing lines. The stock jimny one will not any suggestions ?

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